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One price, two copies!
Platte River Driftwood

The second book from Nebraska author Bryce Lambley is now available for a

"Buy One, Get One Free Special."

Platte River Driftwood is 242 pages, 114 photos, and 101 chapters that will find a receptive audience with anyone who loves the outdoors.  With a heavy family influence, an appreciation for wildlife and wild places, and a penchant for seeing the connections between the outdoors and our lives. Platte River Driftwood will resonate with a very wide-ranging audience.  VERY POPULAR with hunters as a gift for their landowners.  Also the perfect duck blind or hunting pack book, and many claim it's the perfect bathroom or bedside book because chapters are just the right length. A great Christmas gift.

$19.95 for TWO books includes postage/ padded envelope.

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Sorry!  SOLD OUT!!
My Neck of the Woods

Bryce Lambley's first book, My Neck of the Woods, was released in 2008 to strong interest and critical acclaim.  With 45 chapters, 209 pages, and 111 photos there is plenty of editorial and visual interest for bowhunters and others who love hunting. 

The first 17 chapters are devoted to the chase and romance of whitetail deer.  In the second section, 12 chapters detail various adventures for antelope, bear, timber wolf, caribou, Sitka deer, and the plains game species in Africa.  The final 16 chapters cover a wide-ranging series of essays on the sport of bowhunting and its many intersections with real life (and death).


​SORRY--THIS BOOK IS SOLD OUT!  But stay tuned because book number three is in the works!

The author will sign all books.  He would also be honored to personalize an inscription to the recipient if that is desired.  If you want such a personal message, please send an e-mail explaining this to .

All books are signed...

If paying by check...

You can still get yours without a credit card by sending a check or money order to Bryce Lambley, 720 Boulevard St. Lot 31, Fremont, NE 68025.  Be sure to indicate if you'd like the book(s) to just be signed or whether you want them personalized to you or your recipient. 

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