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Here's the latest news from 'My Neck of the Woods'

Who thought retirement from a 33-year teaching career would find the author seemingly just as busy as before.  He can't say he wasn't warned as he heard that story from many who have trod the path before him.  Bryce has been hard at work on many writing projects and it's unclear which will be wrapped up first:  the sequel to My Neck of the Woods, or a novel about small-town high school life in the late 70s/early 80s.  And that's the tip of the iceberg.  But first was a successful 2017 hunting season with a Montana antelope, two Nebraska whitetail bucks, and two wily coyotes taken by accurate arrows from his Pronghorn takedown longbow.  And he's looking forward to a winter of writing.   

Bad mood bruins do battle in Alberta ^

October mock scrape success

Bryce Lambley got on the board in Nebraska for the 2017 season on Oct. 8th with this heavyweight 5x5 that intersected his entry trail, and followed the scent line created with Full Response scent from Maine friend Steven Morin right to a scrape literally kicked open two hours earlier.  A 17 yard shot and a 45-yard trail was the result.  It marked the first animal killed using a single-bevel Grizzly, the same head he would use on one of the coyotes and his second deer as well. 

Eleventh-hour effort nets second 2017 Nebraska buck

On the evening of Nov. 9th, with the firearm season just 36 hours away, Bryce Lambley finally crossed paths with a buck worthy of tag two.  The 5x4 chased a doe in front at 8 yards and the 'Green Machine' Pronghorn longbow delivered a Grizzly head on the trotting shot.  It was the same stand Lambley had killed a second buck under similar situations in 2015. This buck had not been seen on trail camera until just a few days before when he apparently moved in for the rut.

 2017 season began with an antelope from Big Sky Country of Montana

The author's fourth bowkilled pronghorn, and third from Montana, was taken Aug. 17 in Powder River County on a hunt with brother Jason.  The challenges presented by long stays in a hot blind with a wary quarry were made worse with the hunt being on the heels of having three wisdom teeth pulled shortly before the trip to the high, dry country.  A 23-yard shot with an Ace Express broadhead did the job with the Herb Meland Pronghorn bow that has been the go-to bow for Lambley since 2005. 

Coyote 'double' that was almost a triple

A deer hunt on Oct. 27th turned into a predator outing when a trio of coyotes coursed through a weedy area looking for supper.  A squeak brought one over for a closer look and it found an arrow instead at 20 yds.  It ran in a semi-circle, ending up right out in front of the stand, yelping, which brought one of his buddies over.  A second arrow at 11 yds dropped him on the spot, and all the commotion brought the last one over but he caught movement in the tree at the last minute and beat a hasty retreat.  The first coyote was retrieved the next day.

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