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Coming Attractions

Bryce Lambley’s third outdoors book, tentatively titled My Bend of the River, is getting closer to completion but is competing with a novel the author is also working on.  All we can say is please be patient; it is coming.

My Bend of the River will be more of the adventure readers got in My Neck of the Woods, with profound meditations on a life spent in the woods (or wanting to be there).  Lambley’s recollections and reflections on hunting and similar pursuits will have you walking alongside him, feeling the highs and lows, and the cold and the heat.  He’s been where you’ve been, and where you long to be.

Stayed tuned to this website and Lambley’s FaceBook page for more information.  A chapter or two of that book may be offered here as a sneak preview when time allows.


Lambley has other projects in the works as well and is positively pumped about the near future.  Come back for updates as these projects are unveiled.

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